The Pledge

1) I will honor God in my music ministry. The music I create – through singing, playing, songwriting, producing, recording or arranging – will bring honor and glory to God and will reflect the principles of the Bible. I will create music that inspires, uplifts, directs and mirrors Christian values.


2) I believe that the Bible is the unadulterated Word of God. I will read my Bible daily and pray without ceasing. I will be guided by the Holy Spirit and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I will dedicate myself to a lifestyle of worship. I will be a faithful member of my church and give financially as scripture requires. I will refrain from any behavior that the Bible teaches is sin and I will encourage others to refrain as well. I will strive to live a life of holiness that is pleasing and honoring to God.


3) I will study to show myself approved in my music ministry. I will educate myself, practice regularly and hone my musical skills. I will only give God the best that I have. I will refine my gift, learn about the elements of music and worship and share what I learn with others. I will be active in music ministry in my local church, community and/or region. I will regularly seek God for direction in my ministry and live a life of faith. I understand that I am truly a Minister of Music and will wear the mantle as such.


4) I will treat others the way I want to be treated. Whether God exalts my ministry or not, I will be humble and loving, always exhibiting the heart of Christ. I will refrain from pride, arrogance, self-righteousness and a desire to control others. I will not be demanding, inconsiderate, disruptive or chaotic. Following His example, I will consistently put others’ needs above my own and consider their feelings as I consider my own.


5) I will not let the desire for fame or money rule my ministry. I will not be controlled by the spirit of greed or the need to be seen. I vow not to let the desire for recognition or accolades rule my heart or dictate my decisions. I will refrain from envying others who have attained a higher level of success than I, celebrating with gratitude the unique gift God has given me. I understand that any acknowledgement I receive pales in comparison to the entire scope of my calling and the sacrifice my Savior Jesus Christ made for me.


6) I will be honest in all my business and ministry dealings. Integrity will be the crux of my personal life and music ministry life. I will not exploit, use or abuse any person under my authority. I will be fair in my compensation to others and pay what I owe; I will never steal from anyone. I will give others the recognition they are due and will not look at others as a means to an end; I understand that everyone who shares in music ministry with me is a child of God and I will treat them as such.


7) I will uplift my fellow brothers and sisters in music ministry. I will not talk negatively about them and I will encourage them when I can. I will support them in word and deed and financially, when I am able to. I will pray for the growth of their ministries and for God to bless their ministries. I will be careful of my words to them and about them and speak everything in love – whether in person or online. When I see areas of growth that are needed, I promise to pray for them instead of defaming them or complaining about them.


8) I will regularly pray for the Gospel and Christian music industry. I will pray for all artists, worship leaders, ministers of music, songwriters, record labels, radio programmers and announcers, media, organizations, churches, pastors, and all those who assist in music ministry – whether on the ministry side, the industry side or both. I will pray that all is done with the spirit of Christ in mind. I will pray for unity and understanding of the different cultures that make up the sacred music industry. I will pray that the walls that separate CCM and Gospel fall down. I will pray that those who have been called to music ministry will be bold in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. I will pray that fans will continue to support this music so that the Gospel can continue to spread worldwide. I will pray that the entire Christian and Gospel music industry change the world for Jesus Christ.


9) I will ensure that my actions – on and off stage – represent the Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed. I will discipline my emotions and refrain from anger, bitterness, fear, resentment and jealousy. I will regularly check my heart to make sure it is pure in the sight of God. I will ensure that my private life (what God sees) matches my public life (which people see). If I am struggling with any emotion, addiction or attitude that doesn’t reflect Jesus Christ, I will seek God to cleanse my heart, my body and my soul and replace negativity with deliverance, a renewed mind and the fruit of the Spirit.


10) I will honor my spouse and follow what the Bible says about marriage, fidelity and relationships and not violate the covenant made before God. I will honor others as well including my significant other (for those who are single), my family members, my friends and others in my church and community. If I am a parent, I will ensure that my life as a Christian is walked out in front of them, aiming to set an example of Christ in their world. Not only is my life to be an example of love to my children, but also to those who know the Savior and to those who don’t. I will evangelize through word and through music with the ultimate goal of bringing others into the Kingdom of God.